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Karina Wirth is a Textile Design graduate (MA) from the weißensee school of art and design berlin. Her creative work is characterized by a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaborations, opening up the boundaries of classical textile applications and reshaping them in the context of current social issues.


Karina Wirth Textildesignerin

Master of Arts 

since 9/2020 Panorama Fabrics 

Founder of Designstudio in Berlin

since 6/2017 Textile Prototyping Lab 

Innovationmanager & Designer in Berlin


2020/2021 Honorary lecturer for weaving in the fashion Design department at the University of the Arts Berlin

2019-2020 Design Research Lab 


12/2015-12/2018 Textile Lab Manager

Fab Lab Berlin

10/2015-10/2017 Master

Textil- und Flächendesign at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin 


10/2011-10/2015 Bachelor

Textildesign at Hochschule Hof-Abteilung Münchberg

9/2021-1/2022 Founder at Textilaccelerator Stoff im Kopf

10/2020-10/2021 Founder at Design Farm Berlin 

4/2020 Part of Mask on Collective Berlin

2019 VW Future Center Potsdam

Projekt: Formation

2019 Edventure Exhibition - Automotive & Innovation

Projekt: Formation

11/2017 Messe Haute Innovation auf der ELMIA Subcontractor in Schweden

Projekt: Formation

3/2017 Messe  der internationalen Handwerkskammer München

Projekt: Trans.Fur

9/2016 Ars Electronica Ausstellung in Linz und Brüssel

Projekt: Trans_fur

8/2016 Bauhausfest in Dessau  zum Thema „Zirkus und Bewegung“

Projekt: Transformation





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